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CV Creation

Did you know that on average a recruiter will spend just eight seconds reviewing a CV?

It is essential to make a visual impact immediately. 

You should follow a basic structure that will enable you to present your background and achievements in a concise and persuasive way.

Personal details
This section should include contact information and personal details such as nationality and age (although this is not essential).

Career history
This section should start with your most recent role and continue in a chronological order, always ensure you are descriptive and give a true impression of your job function.

Key achievements
This is your chance to demonstrate how successful you have been in your career to date, your achievements should be listed as bullet points and give your CV the winning edge over other applicants.

This should be a brief list of your academic and professional qualifications, it should also include the grades that you accomplished.

Additional skills
This section should include any additional skills you have that may be beneficial in the work place, such as IT Packages and languages.

In this section you should simply state that details of references are available upon request.

If you are going to include this section on your CV keep it concise and include hobbies that will build an overall positive picture of your persona, such as going to the gym and reading etc.

Overall Guidelines:

  • Ensure your CV is a maximum of two pages
  • Keep the information concise
  • Avoid using graphics and colour
  • Don’t be tempted to embellish information
  • Let somebody else proof read your CV before you submit it.