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Interview Tips

Preparation is the key to a successful interview

  • Ensure you have a complete understanding of the job description and skills required
  • Research your prospective employer’s website
  • Know your own CV, especially sales figures
  • Plan your journey
  • Have a list of at least 10 questions

First impressions are vital in the interviewing process

  • Always attend an interview in business attire
  • Always arrive 15 minutes early
  • Remember a firm handshake makes all the difference
  • Maintain posture and eye contact

The interview is your chance to demonstrate your suitability to the role

  • Listen to the interviewer
  • Answer questions in a concise and confident manner
  • Remember body language demonstrates how comfortable you are
  • Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Think about each question before answering
  • Always be positive about a previous employer
  • Demonstrate your suitability to the role with your previous experiences
  • Always close the end of the interview and ask if the company has any reservations about you doing the role

The end of the interview, you have done all the hard work so don't let yourself down now

  • Be positive and reconfirm your interest in the role
  • Ask what the next stage is in the interview process
  • Thank the interviewer for their time
  • Tell the interviewer you look forward to seeing them again
  • Always leave with a firm handshake

One final polite gesture that could influence the decision in your favour is to send a thank you email to the interviewer, once more this will re-iterate your interest in the role.

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