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Search & Selection

A Hayward Resourcing Search and Selection recruitment campaign could significantly increase the volume of potential candidates for your role.

This is critical if you are looking to appoint the highest calibre individuals with specialist knowledge and specific industry experience. Search and Selection is also preferential if confidentiality is a key factor in your next appointment.

Our Methodology

  1. Vacancy briefing
  2. Key Competencies determined
  3. Market sector information collated
  4. List of target companies agreed
  5. Headhunting
  6. Candidate list compiled
  7. All relevant candidates interviewed
  8. Shortlist presented to client
  9. 1st interviews
  10. Feedback
  11. 2nd interviews
  12. Feedback
  13. Offer analysis
  14. Offer made
  15. Counter Offer advice
  16. Completion and start date
  17. Post 6-month assessment

Advantages of executive search and selection

There are many benefits of conducting a Hayward Resourcing search and selection campaign, the most pertinent being the large talent pool of non-obvious candidates that we will endeavour to find in your industry. We also guarantee that we will complete the whole recruitment process from start to finish in just eight weeks.