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Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Taking control of your interview.

Personally, I believe that interviewing is a two way process where both parties have to impress each other for the process to move forward to the next stage, I know it may seem that I am stating the obvious but you would be surprised how many decision makers in a hiring situation still think the whole onus is on the candidate impressing them.

It is 2019 and the cultural and personality fit are as essential as the skills to do the role in question.

These questions may help you the individual gain some control & insight in an interview:

  • Where does the company see itself in 6 months and 3 year’s time?
  • Which areas of the company need to be improved?
  • What is the biggest weakness in the management structure?
  • Why did the last person leave the role you are currently interviewing for?
  • What are the core attributes of your most successful employee’s?
  • Please describe the company culture within your organisation?
  • Could you give me an example of teamwork within your team?

Questions like the ones above will help you, the individual show that you have a methodical and thought processing mind, they will also show that you have courage to ask the difficult questions and get to the nitty gritty of a situation (A positive attribute if you are interviewing for a sales/commercial position).   

I am a technical recruiter with 15 years+ experience, I love my role (Most of the time) and would welcome any comments or thoughts on the above.

Happy Lucky Thursday!

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